Speed Shrinking

To celebrate the release of Susan Shapiro’s fictional debut (appropriately released under Leo stars) “Speed Shrinking” –she came up with a brilliant plan to combine revolutionary speed-dating with psychotherapy at her book launch party at Knickerbockers in the West Village earlier this evening. Inspired by the plight of her protagonist who sees eight therapists in eight days, she chose “six self-help gurus (as she liked to tag us)…to replicate the experience for the guests at her book party. It was a super fun venue to share the work of the Saturn Return book and test my skills at assessing core problems and dropping science in a mere three minutes. The results were shocking. I thought I’d be lucky to get in a handshake, name and zodiac sign…talk about cutting to the chase. But alas, deep connections were made in 180 seconds. A real testimonial to the Saturnian principle that when time is designated with clear intention and absolute focus, amazing things can unfold in seconds.

For more information on Susan Shapiro and her books:


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