Constellation brainstorming session

Ever wonder what a Constellation meeting consists of?  Well, we’ll tell you.

1 part lemon water

2 parts tarot

intermittent sips of astrologically-inspired Chianti

a whole lot of notes

constellation office

Katelan and Sherene brainstorm in the Constellation office. (note: Sherene apologies for total lack of glamour–but the eclipse was squaring her entire horoscope and then some.)

With the full moon in Aquarius and the eclipse we just had to draw a card of the week.  What did Sherene draw?


For all our Leo’s out there and even to those who are not, soak in some of that Leo self-esteem and leadership skills!

Sun Card:

After a long period of darkness the light finally breaks through.  Perfect timing for that pesky eclipse on Wednesday. A positive card, it promises those questioning that their day will come.  Those projects you’ve been slaving over, that promotion you’ve been wanting, it’s coming darlings!  It’s coming! This card denotes pleasure through successful enterprises.   This is an incredible time to be aware of one’s surroundings and take advantage of them.  You never know what you will find or who you will meet.  You may even get a fabulous new idea.  Let the universe provide for you, let go of those negative dark times and open up to the wonders around you.  Now is a great time to start studying that language you wanted to learn, embark on that novel you wanted to write, or make a fabulous piece of music or art.  You head is clear and you’ve got it going on.  Roll with it baby.


One Response to “Constellation brainstorming session”

  1. I’m loving the lemon water in the french-press idea! That picture is so great and so solar!

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