Summer In the City

As Sherene packs up and heads off to India for five weeks (What will this poor little art director do?) we’ll be giving the blog a little makeover.  We are also asking you, our dear sweet darlings to take our poll and tell us exactly what you want in the magazine and blog.  So as I blog it up and Sherene and Amanda pack it up (Amanda is moving to Ohio) I leave you with these little tidbits on how to spend the last of your summer days.

1. Grab a friend and go about the town dressed as your favorite movie characters.  Sherene and I both love Desperately Seeking Susan so when we saw this poster we had to reenact the scene.  We didn’t quite get the poses down but the passion was there and that’s what really matters right?


2. Drink lots of lemonade (vodka is a plus) and listen to old radio shows, watch black and white movies, turn the lights down and relax .  (This coming from the girl who doesn’t sleep.)  What are my favorite things to watch? I love Mystery Science Theater 3000. Dim the lights, turn up the volume and I am in heaven with the old “Suspense” radio shows. Better yet, make your own.  I’m also going to recommend taking out your record player and listening to Adam Ant on repeat.


3. Do some light summer reading as Sherene and I demonstrate here.  I’m lucky enough to have some wonderful writer friends that have sent me their novels to read over the last summer weeks.  What’s on the list? Angel Scene and Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey and the new novel by Anne Gree.  If you read a good book and would like to write a review email us!

Picture 6

4. Journal!  What better way to spend a day than on the beach or in the park writing down your innermost fantasies, hopes, and dreams.  Okay, so the picture I’m posting was not taken outside, nor in this country, and frankly I finished that journal years ago in Paris, but you get the picture.  Write! Create! Vent!


5. Go to the beach and have someone take photos of you like you are in a bad B movie.  You must then send these photos to all your loved ones as postcards from some far off forgotten land.  In this case it’s Coney Island.  Come on NY, you should have went with Freakshow and Vintage Carnival look.  Deco Avenue has no place in NY.


x to the o,



2 Responses to “Summer In the City”

  1. I love this and im sharing it with EVERYONE.

  2. i just love this and im sharing it with everyone.

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