Things to do: Virginia readers

The rumors of magic in show biz were taken rather seriously by Lonesome Liz.

She conjured the Devil and then a show and the first place she decided to go

was to a Holler on the wings of a crow.

She pulled up with her caravan and found Dixie Butcher and a Conjure Man

waiting with wide grins. They invited her in.

They said, we thought you’d come, we expect you’re here about a Tarot deck.

We’ve had one for a while you know and a Conjure Woman can’t have a Sideshow

without some cards. Well, she could but it’d be hard.

And so the images you see are a few of the ones that we three

are putting in a magic book. They tell your past, present and future if you look

at them with the right eyes. Don’t be surprised

if with your gaze you follow Lonesome Liz into Crow Holler.

Once there, be careful or you’ll find you’ve forgotten the world you left behind.


The kick off of Gallery 5’s “Carnival of 5 Fires” starts tomorrow with Lonesome Liz’s Mojo Sideshow featuring:

Dr. Beetle, Elizabeth Bissette, Charles Parker Boggs, Molly Crabapple, Katelan V. Foisy, Wes Freed, Christoph Mueller

and performances by:
J.B. Beverley (Murder Junkies/Hank III)
Ron Smith (Film-maker/Hellbilly cult figure)

Click the flier below and check out Gallery 5’s awesome website.



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