Gypsy Cold Remedy

gypsy remedy

With all the weather changes it’s been hard not to catch anything.  if you do wake up with a sniffle or a tickle then try this remedy and drink it for two days.  By the time you are done with the mixture your cold should be kicked to the curb.

x to the o,



4 lemons

1 onion

1 ginger root

handful of fresh parsely

handful of fresh mint

spoonful of honey


Fill a medium soup pot halfway with water.  Cut the lemons in half and squeeze the lemons into the water.  Thrown the entire lemon into the pot after squeezing.  Cut the onion in half and throw the entire onion including the skins into the water.  Take a handful of fresh parsley and add it to the lemon and onion, then do the the same with the fresh mint.  Cut ginger root into small chunks and add it to the mixture.  Set the stove on medium and let the water boil.  When water has boiled turn the heat off and let it cool down just enough so that it’s drinkable. Strain the tea  and add a little honey.  Drink throughout the day warming the tea whenever it gets too cool.


2 Responses to “Gypsy Cold Remedy”

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  2. Sounds like it should work well. Honey and lemon have been a cold staple for years, and the ginger should give enough spicy “heat” to help with congestion. Better than finger licking good. 😛

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