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A toast to our beloved Savior of small businesses; a model Saturn in Virgo citizen; the man who revealed the satanic side of Mickey Mouse; a true gem of a Gemini–Reverend Billy Talen! His Holiness gave a most inspiring Mercury-worthy sermon on the tragic demise of New York City at a fund raiser party for his campaign at our friends Dominique and Gary’s apartment on Wednesday evening reminding us of what New York City was like before it became a strip mall and Williamsburg turned into Miami. A city that once belonged to the artists  is now owned by Starbucks, HSBC, Duane Reade, and greedy condo developers. Do we really want NYC to look like every place else in America? Hell no! Children, let’s get on our hands and knees and pray for our beloved Rev to  exorcise those corporate demons once and for all!

Can we get an “Amen!”

Vote Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor of NYC!

(*For more on the Rev, see our Leo-Virgo issue).

Rev Billy3

dom and kate


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