What a Scorpio girl wants:

Venus in Scorpio–what does She love?


Black hoodies, black lace, black fishnets, black eyeliner, snake skin high heels, Picasso; dark chocolate, Adam Ant, Agent Provacateur, Magie Noire, Rioja, The Dead Weather, dark comedy, punk rock, skulls, martial arts, strategizing, Kali, the forbidden,the mysterious, crime, death, old black and white movies, red roses and violets.

What do people born with Venus in Scorpio have in common? They would go to hell and back for those they love; they take the ‘til death do you part bit quite literally; they love and hate with wild abandon or not at all; they adore decadence; sex is sacred; they believe in living life like every day was your last.

Famous people with Venus in Scorpio: Demi Moore, Anne Rice, Ramana Maharshi, Paul Klee, Jim Morrison, Tiger Woods, Marie Antoinette, Alicia Silverstone, Bill Gates, Ethan Hawke, Joaquin Phoenix, Winona Ryder and Bruce Lee.


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