December Forecast

Stop identifying with the world created by your mind, and a new world will open up before you.   – Amma

This is the first time in all of 2009 that all of the outer, collective planets are direct. Can you feel the speed?

Life is poised to get mighty wonky this month, so fasten your seat belts. Mars will go into reverse gear on December 20th, sending you right off the rails just before Christmas. If that weren’t enough to add to the drama of the holiday season, Mercury follows suit on the 26th in Capricorn. As always back everything up; work on the integrity between thought and word; and be kind to your elders. This is also not a time to mess with authority figures, or Capricorns for that matter. Everyone is in a bit of an energetic holding pattern while Mars and Mercury are out of phase, so be patient, reflective and flexible.

The gigantic Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on the 31st of December marks the culmination of a very tense and intense year indeed. Family issues, old emotional patterns and ancient muscle memories get triggered over the next several weeks so be sure to be gentle with yourself. Don’t push The combination of the Mercury and Mars retrograde plus the eclipse is guaranteed to throw major monkey wrenches into several of your plans, so be as flexible as possible. In fact, this might be one New Year’s Eve where staying home never felt so good.

Just as you felt like you were building up some momentum, you’ll be forced to slow down and more carefully reconsider your creative options. The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 16th will restore your faith and allow you to ask the bigger questions in life like why are we here? You may feel like you’re swimming through some pretty heavy emotional wreckage-but the Sagittarius influence will remind you to turn problems into figgy pudding.

In a recent Q and A with Ammachi, the question was posed: “What can we do to turn this crazy world around and stop suffering so much?” Her reply: “Know yourself, have compassion, and be happy


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