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Reflections on the Retrograde & How to Cope

Posted in Astrology with tags on September 21, 2009 by theybewe

It’s that time of the year again; you know the time when the trains stop running, your computer crashes profusely, and your emotions seem to be spiraling out of control.  Yes we all know it, we are in the midst of a retrograde.  Luckily this one is almost over (it ends Sept 29th).  This one has been especially hard for my Virgo and Gemini friends who are ruled by Mercury.  It’s also a rough ride for publishers, editors, writers, sales, retail, public relations, and anything having to do with transportation or technical stuff so if your computer tech boyfriend seems particularly angry it’s just the shift in planetary energy.

We here at Constellation have always had a rocky relationship with ye old Mercury retrograde. We love that we were born in a retrograde and from that first online flip through have turned into a DIY print mag and blog.  We don’t love that every time a retrograde rears it’s ugly little head emails get lost, deadlines don’t get made, and sometimes just sometimes print copies take a little longer to get to you.  Did I mention Mercury affects the post office?   But in spite of it all we love Mercury and we accept the retrogrades.  Besides retrogrades aren’t all that bad.  They allow us to reflect on our past as well as purge what we don’t need.  Retrogrades provide the perfect energy to clean out the closet, organize the office, and clean off those dusty bookshelves.    This is a great exercise for all those wonderful Virgos out there who are feeling a little reclusive.

So what can we do to pull through the retrogrades without pulling our hair out? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Surround yourself with positive people.  You may be feeling like a hermit but it is important to see your friends and family.  Anyone who makes you feel good can provide insight and put into perspective anything that may be holding you back during the retrograde gestation.  And yes I am making a birthing reference, the retrograde is often a rebirth period, think of it as shedding old skin and becoming the brighter, happier, shinier new you.

2. Don’t take things personally.  This can be especially hard when you are delving into your darker parts.  This period can be especially hard when memories and people keep showing up from your past.  Oh those pesky exes always sneaking up when you least expect it.  Just remember you have moved on and you are on your way to doing great things, the best way to deal with people, comments, and anything else that can bring you down is to let it go.  Breath in for 3 seconds, hold for 5, and then breath out for 3 more.  Do this three times and let everything slide right off of you.  If you find yourself going back to those thoughts, do the breathing again and go for a walk or do some yoga.

3. Back all of your precious, precious data up.  Now is definitely the time to make sure all of your files are safe and sound on disks, an external hardrive, and usb drives.  You can never have too many backups.  Remember the great hard drive massacre?  Yes, I learned from that one too.

4. It’s not the best time to do business but if you do make sure you read the contracts thoroughly.  If you are signing anything have two or three people take a look at it.  Also make sure you feel 100% about any business dealings.  If you feel at all skeptical wait a day or so and see how you feel.  Your intuition may be telling you something.

5. If you are traveling expect delays and make sure you double check times and terminals twice and three times over.  We don’t want any missed flights now do we?

6. Finish any projects that you have started or decide whether it’s worth it to keep working.  Tie up loose ends and organize your life.  You’re getting a chance to spring clean your life, use it to your advantage!

7. Mercury has a way of pushing us in directions that we never thought .  Allow Mercury to guide you down strange paths and into enlightenment.  The best possible way to deal with a retrograde is to just go with the flow.  We all know this period of time is going to be a little bit rocky, why not accept it and embrace it.  A wonderful little exercise that I practice frequently is to light mulberry ( an herb associated with Mercury) candles or incense or white candles and create an environment that is warm, peaceful and magical.  This can be an instant pick me up for any retrograde.

8. Be kind to yourself.  Don’t go out and splurge but take the time to pamper yourself with nice hot baths, wonderful homemade facials, or really good books and a fabulous music collection.

Stay open and enjoy the ride.



Mulberry Candle



Zodiac Dance: Virgo

Posted in Astrology, Constellation Magazine on August 24, 2009 by theybewe

Charisse Bellante as Virgo in The Archetypal Journey in 12 Parts at The Merce Cunningham Studio September 2008.
Producer: Sherene Schostak; Assistant Producer: Robert Palmer; Video: Sebastian Kay. Live Drummer: Michael Stamberg of Eggplant Queens.

Dealing With Shit Through Self-Portraits

Posted in Astrology, Workshops on August 23, 2009 by theybewe

BTHM astro3

Constellation brainstorming session

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Ever wonder what a Constellation meeting consists of?  Well, we’ll tell you.

1 part lemon water

2 parts tarot

intermittent sips of astrologically-inspired Chianti

a whole lot of notes

constellation office

Katelan and Sherene brainstorm in the Constellation office. (note: Sherene apologies for total lack of glamour–but the eclipse was squaring her entire horoscope and then some.)

With the full moon in Aquarius and the eclipse we just had to draw a card of the week.  What did Sherene draw?


For all our Leo’s out there and even to those who are not, soak in some of that Leo self-esteem and leadership skills!

Sun Card:

After a long period of darkness the light finally breaks through.  Perfect timing for that pesky eclipse on Wednesday. A positive card, it promises those questioning that their day will come.  Those projects you’ve been slaving over, that promotion you’ve been wanting, it’s coming darlings!  It’s coming! This card denotes pleasure through successful enterprises.   This is an incredible time to be aware of one’s surroundings and take advantage of them.  You never know what you will find or who you will meet.  You may even get a fabulous new idea.  Let the universe provide for you, let go of those negative dark times and open up to the wonders around you.  Now is a great time to start studying that language you wanted to learn, embark on that novel you wanted to write, or make a fabulous piece of music or art.  You head is clear and you’ve got it going on.  Roll with it baby.