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Caitlin R. Kiernan coming to NYC 10.27.09

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Lovecraft Unbound edited by Ellen Datlow Reading with Richard Bowes, Elizabeth Bear, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and Michael Cisco at the The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art, 138 Sullivan Street, NY, NY, October 27 (Doors open 6:30 PM)

I interviewed Caitlin R. Kiernan for the latest issue of Constellation, and her latest novel, The Red Tree, is wondrous. Elizabeth Bear’s lovely tale Shoggoths in Bloom recently won a Hugo Award, though I believe this Lovecraft-inspired novelette is not her contribution to the anthology. You can read Shoggoths in Bloom for the fabulous price of $0 by clicking the link and enjoying it via Asimov’s Magazine.

Bottom-line is, this anthology has an amazing lineup of talent, and you should jump at the chance to go to this event if you’re in NYC. What better precursor to Halloween than a Lovecraftian reading?


Things to do: Virginia readers

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The rumors of magic in show biz were taken rather seriously by Lonesome Liz.

She conjured the Devil and then a show and the first place she decided to go

was to a Holler on the wings of a crow.

She pulled up with her caravan and found Dixie Butcher and a Conjure Man

waiting with wide grins. They invited her in.

They said, we thought you’d come, we expect you’re here about a Tarot deck.

We’ve had one for a while you know and a Conjure Woman can’t have a Sideshow

without some cards. Well, she could but it’d be hard.

And so the images you see are a few of the ones that we three

are putting in a magic book. They tell your past, present and future if you look

at them with the right eyes. Don’t be surprised

if with your gaze you follow Lonesome Liz into Crow Holler.

Once there, be careful or you’ll find you’ve forgotten the world you left behind.


The kick off of Gallery 5’s “Carnival of 5 Fires” starts tomorrow with Lonesome Liz’s Mojo Sideshow featuring:

Dr. Beetle, Elizabeth Bissette, Charles Parker Boggs, Molly Crabapple, Katelan V. Foisy, Wes Freed, Christoph Mueller

and performances by:
J.B. Beverley (Murder Junkies/Hank III)
Ron Smith (Film-maker/Hellbilly cult figure)

Click the flier below and check out Gallery 5’s awesome website.


Hey New Yorkers

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If you are in town this weekend stop by the Behr-Thyssen gallery and say hello to Katelan Foisy.  Katelan is showing with the wonderful BD Collective Sat October 3rd from 6-9 p.m.


Behr-Thyssen is located at:

165 Hudson Street, with the entrance on Laight Street (there’s a ton
of construction in the building next to the entrance). You can take
the ACE or 1 train to Canal St. To be fair, you can even take the
JMZ6NQRW to Canal St. and walk over, but that’s a bit of a hike.
It’s conveniently located near the West Side Highway AND the Holland
Tunnel for those of you with cars.

Light & Sweet: An American Tea Opera

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I took some time tonight to head over to Alvin Ailey to see Light and Sweet: An American Tea Opera by Gail Lou.  There is something quite amazing about witnessing a production go from an idea to a full blown opera in just a few years.  Once I get images of the performance I will post it.  Till then  you can check out a few of the songs from Light and Sweet here:

Happy Birthday Betsey Johnson

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Betsey Johnson’s birthday isn’t until August 10th but, it doesn’t mean our favorite Leo designer isn’t already celebrating.  Betsey Johnson (Double Leo/Taurus rising) celebrated her 67th birthday at the Soho store this evening.  Betsey is eternal youth incarnate and will forever reign as our punk princess heroine! And OMG, the new “archive” (original Betsey vintage) line is to die for.  Do yourself a favor!

Betsey party small

betsey party3

betsey party 2

betsey party 4

betsey party 6


betsey party 5

betsey socksbw

Clearly the best socks ever!  Betsey Johnson of course!!!

Speed Shrinking

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To celebrate the release of Susan Shapiro’s fictional debut (appropriately released under Leo stars) “Speed Shrinking” –she came up with a brilliant plan to combine revolutionary speed-dating with psychotherapy at her book launch party at Knickerbockers in the West Village earlier this evening. Inspired by the plight of her protagonist who sees eight therapists in eight days, she chose “six self-help gurus (as she liked to tag us)…to replicate the experience for the guests at her book party. It was a super fun venue to share the work of the Saturn Return book and test my skills at assessing core problems and dropping science in a mere three minutes. The results were shocking. I thought I’d be lucky to get in a handshake, name and zodiac sign…talk about cutting to the chase. But alas, deep connections were made in 180 seconds. A real testimonial to the Saturnian principle that when time is designated with clear intention and absolute focus, amazing things can unfold in seconds.

For more information on Susan Shapiro and her books:

Constellation meets Lenora Claire

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Gemini cover Lenora Claire and art director Katelan Foisy in the East Village.